Rote Mare is a traditional DOOM METAL band based in Adelaide, South Australia. We are heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost, Trouble & Many Others.
Rote Mare was formed in 2005 as Phil Howlett's one man project which continued until mid 2009. Since mid 2009 Rote Mare has been expanded into a four piece band. Rote Mare's debut EP Sorrows Path was released mid 2010 and was followed by an album titled Serpents Of The Church in September 2011. Rote Mare will release a split with Dire Fate in 2013 and follow that with two new albums mid 2013 titled "The Invocation" and "The Kingdom"

Current Line Up:

Phil Howlett- Vocals & Guitar
Sean Wiskin - Lead Guitar
Ben Dodunski - Drums
Jess Erceg - Bass

The Hour Of Doom (Unmastered sample - 2012)

Rote Mare - Serpents Of The Church (Rough Mix - Unmastered)

Monday, December 31, 2012

Artwork for the split with Dire Fate to be released March 20th 2013.
Artwork for the first of two albums titled The Invocation to be released mid 2013.
Next gig is March 23rd at Fowlers. This will be our first show since November 2011.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Free Downloads Of Band & Solo Demos

Free downloads of all the solo demos recorded (2005-2009) plus various band demos/rehearsals/alternative versions recorded since 2009. Available to download as individual tracks or in album format on the rote mare website. Go here

Friday, April 13, 2012

Recording update

We will be going into the studio from the 24-26th May to begin recording drum tracks. 3 more songs have been added to the original list of 11. We will be re-recording Eternal Winter first demoed in 2010. We will also be recording two cover versions which will not be included on the album. Big Star's "Holocaust" done in a doom metal style and a fairly faithful interpretation of Twisted Sister's "Destroyer".

Saturday, February 11, 2012

2012 Plans

Sometime this year Rote Mare will be releasing a split with Melbourne based Doom lords Dire Fate. Our contribution to the split is the 15 minute epic new track "The Hour Of Doom" and a re-recording of "Sinking Ships" originally from 2005's the "American Terrorist" demo. Our tracks are recorded and only need mastering. Hopefully someone will be releasing this split sometime in 2012.

Around May 2012 we intend to start recording our second album as yet untitled. We currently have 11 tracks which we will most likely record and then choose 5-6 to make an album which runs for about an hour. The leftover tracks we intend to release also at some point as part of splits, EPs or whatever. Maybe even a second album. Depends on the circumstances.

Old tracks set to be re-recorded are Nothing, The Thief, Suicidal Slayer, The Serpent and The Stones Of Blood. New track titles are Shameless, The Funeral Void, The Kingdom, The Invocation, Shadow Of The Grave and The Furthest Shore.

It's a very varied bunch of songs which overall are probably a bit more aggressive and perhaps a bit more up-tempo then the previous album but certainly still doom and very heavy. The Celtic Frost influence is probably a little more noticeable in the tracks compared to Serpents.

Once the basic tracks are done we will probably spend a bit longer this time on getting the leads, melodies and vocals to a better standard aiming hopefully for a release sometime in 2013.