Rote Mare is a traditional DOOM METAL band based in Adelaide, South Australia. We are heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost, Trouble & Many Others.
Rote Mare was formed in 2005 as Phil Howlett's one man project which continued until mid 2009. Since mid 2009 Rote Mare has been expanded into a four piece band. Rote Mare's debut EP Sorrows Path was released mid 2010 and was followed by an album titled Serpents Of The Church in September 2011. Rote Mare will release a split with Dire Fate in 2013 and follow that with two new albums mid 2013 titled "The Invocation" and "The Kingdom"

Current Line Up:

Phil Howlett- Vocals & Guitar
Sean Wiskin - Lead Guitar
Ben Dodunski - Drums
Jess Erceg - Bass

The Hour Of Doom (Unmastered sample - 2012)

Rote Mare - Serpents Of The Church (Rough Mix - Unmastered)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Doommantia review for Sorrows Path

Review by Ed Barnard
11th August 2010
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Rote Mare started out as a one man project for South Australian Doom Metal musician Phil Howlett and over the course of the last 5 years he put together several demos, all of which were outstanding quality and now in 2010, Rote Mare are a full band preparing to release a full length album called "Serpents Of The Church". Along with Phil, the line-up has been completed with Sean Wiskin on guitar, Ben Dodunski on drums and Andrew Gillingham on bass. This intro plus 2 track EP is self-released and has exceptional production to match the beautifully executed Trad-Doom playing that is featured on the 20 minute disc. Starting with the intro that sets the mood of doom and gloom comes the first real track called "The Path". By the way, the intro is good but is really just a way for the band to set up the vibe for the rest of the EP and to be honest I usually skip the intro when I listen to it now.

"The Path" displays two things about Rote Mare that are important to mention here. Number one is the band play classic Traditional Doom but have a sound that is strictly all their own, its close to impossible to be original within a genre as limited as Doom Metal but Rote Mare do a damn fine job of creating their own feel and sound. Number two is Rote Mare have Phil Howlett's vocals which are uniquely his, you know the second you press play that this is Phil on vocals. These two elements will go a long way in pushing Rote Mare from obscure to underground legend status but back to "The Path". This is stripped down, back to basics Doom Metal and is the kind of Doom that I and many others find so appealing and timeless. The riffs are thick and the raw, no frills rhythm section is a perfect catalyst for making the music even more solid, tighter and most importantly doomier. The song is back to back killer riffs, there is one riff about 6 or 7 minutes into the track that is pure doom gold. It will be hard for anyone not to get some kind of hair raising reaction but turn it up loud for full effect, I am sure you will do that anyway, its pretty hard not to with riffs like these. While this track is in the plodding classic doom vein, the other track titled "The Song Of Sorrow" compliments it by being more aggressive.

"The Song Of Sorrow" contains pounding energy while still remaining total doom, the mournful quality of the melodies blend well with groovy bass lines and the whole track is a very infectious package. Its not as memorable as 'The Path" once the disc has runs its course but its still a solid tune so no real complaints to have here. If the older sounds of Trouble and Candlemass still get your doomed blood flowing along with the more dirgier sounds of the real slow Reverend Bizarre stuff, then Rote Mare will become a old friend very quickly. This could be called a teaser for the full length in the works and from that point of view, it succeeds in raising your anticipation of whats to come. Rote Mare are one of the better doom acts to emerge from Australia in the last few years and I have a feeling their time to break through to the next level of cult Doom Metal stardom is right around the corner. I am really impressed with this EP, go check it out. 9/10