Rote Mare is a traditional DOOM METAL band based in Adelaide, South Australia. We are heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost, Trouble & Many Others.
Rote Mare was formed in 2005 as Phil Howlett's one man project which continued until mid 2009. Since mid 2009 Rote Mare has been expanded into a four piece band. Rote Mare's debut EP Sorrows Path was released mid 2010 and was followed by an album titled Serpents Of The Church in September 2011. Rote Mare will release a split with Dire Fate in 2013 and follow that with two new albums mid 2013 titled "The Invocation" and "The Kingdom"

Current Line Up:

Phil Howlett- Vocals & Guitar
Sean Wiskin - Lead Guitar
Ben Dodunski - Drums
Jess Erceg - Bass

The Hour Of Doom (Unmastered sample - 2012)

Rote Mare - Serpents Of The Church (Rough Mix - Unmastered)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hellion Records review

Thanks to Hellion records for stocking our "Sorrows Path" disc and for the very generous review.

Sorrows path

This australian band has caught my attention a few years ago through a couple of demo releases, now this is the first regular output and even though it is just an eighteen minute two track EP, this record has it all. Slow motion lava sounds and mid paced ultra heavy rawk get mixed in both tracks here and will not release your soul until the last chord has faded into eternity. The voice comes raw, yet melodic with a unique approach, so you will certainly recognize the band on these memorable tracks whenever you take a listen. And you will take, not only one, but certainly many listens as this is pure magick, this is haunting stuff that fills the standards of true doom with life and spiritual power. No innovations, just fresh and passionate music for the true lovers of doom, as this is living hell to all who cannot stand the heaviest of the heavy riffing and simmering lead axe work. Burn, baby, burn, this band will give it all to you if you like WARNING or MINOTAURI. Doom rules eternally!

Sir Lord Doom

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